Happy 16th Anniversary, Cinema Sight

16 years ago today, Cinema Sight was launched as The Oscar Guy. We started out on GeoCities and eventually moved to our domain www.oscarguy.com and subsequently to www.cinemasight.com where you find us today.

It’s been an interesting and very busy 16 years, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Thanks everyone for sticking around and reading every year even when updates are delayed for various reasons.

In celebration of our 16th Anniversary, I am rolling out our new header banner displaying our 16 years proudly as one of the oldest film websites on the internet and the oldest of all Oscar fan sites still operating today. As an added bonus, I’ve also updated the banner background to a film that opened the same year as the site founded and remains one of my all-time favorites even if I’m fairly alone in that admiration. And while I realize the scene I selected from Evita is from the funeral march of Eva Peron, I think the confetti in the air and procession add a simple majesty to the scene. This scene is one of my favorites. It’s mournful, yet exciting. It is one of the best orchestral introductions to a musical I’ve ever heard. So, even though it’s a funeral, I do not consider it representative of the end of anything and as this scene is from the beginning of the film, it can just as easily represent the beginning of another great 16 years and even more beyond that.


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  1. Happy birthday

    I’ve followed your site since the 2000s Oscars (I remember you initially gave about 14 nominations predictions to The Green Mile, which I agree with you but the academy ended up only giving it 4).

    1. I didn’t give it 14 because I liked it. I gave it because it was a prediction… I didn’t care much for the movie! But I’m glad you’ve stuck around.

  2. Congratulations Wes on your web site’s sixteenth Anniversary and best wishes for continued success. That is quite an accomplishment

  3. 16 years from now will be the 100th Anniversary of the Academy Awards.

  4. I’m pretty sure I’ve been following you since the beginning. Happy anniversary/birthday!

  5. congratulations!
    you rock! 🙂

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