Film Preview: Wedding Daze (2007)

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Poster Rating: –

Review: There was no poster immediately available for my review. Should one become available in the future, this section will be updated.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: After The Wedding Singer, you would have expected far more films about weddings. However, it wasn’t so. This year alone we have several about the subject and some wedding-oriented television programs, so why the sudden interest? Maybe it was The Wedding Crashers. I don’t know. However, this film does look like it might be promising. The concept of a random woman saying yes to a diner proposal is so strange that it could work. However, Jason Biggs may be playing his part too much like his character in American Pie to be convincing.

Oscar Prospects:

Too slight for an Oscar audience to recognize. We don’t even know if it will be any good.

Release Date:

2007I have not seen this film.

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May 12, 2007 – Original
May 12, 2007 – Release Date Change (August 17, 2007 to 2007)

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