Film Preview: Viva (2016)

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(March 13, 2016) Original

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April 29, 2016


From IMDb: “When everything is for sale, what’s the value of love? Jesus does make up for a troupe of drag performers in Havana, but dreams of being a performer. When he finally gets his chance to be on stage, a stranger emerges from the crowd and punches him in the face. The stranger is his father Angel, a former boxer, who has been absent from his life for 15 years. As father and son clash over their opposing expectations of each other, Viva becomes a love story as the men struggle to understand one another and become a family again.”

Poster Rating: C

Review: A boring, split design that has little excitement and no real sense of purpose. It does decent work for those familiar with the film, but for those not, it’s forgettable.

Trailer Rating: B+

Review: It’s all about the performance and that central musical presentation is peppered liberally with compelling situations and suggestions of political and emotional cohesiveness.

Oscar Prospects:

It was nominated for Best Foreign Language Film last year, so it isn’t eligible to receive nominations in other categories this year.

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Poster #1

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