Film Preview: The Walker (2007)

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Poster Rating: B

Review: It’s glossy, attractive and features the film’s four Oscar nominees. It would easily attract the kind of audience who would enjoy this type of film, even doing nothing more than featuring one centralized theme-scene of the film.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: The concept isn’t very attractive, but it features the wonderful Lily Tomlin (who gets virtually no screen time in the trailer), Woody Harrelson, Lauren Bacall and Kristen Scott Thomas. They are a powerful acting foursome and the only reason probably to catch the film.

Oscar Prospects:

I can see another push for a Lauren Bacall Oscar nomination. However, critics seem to have come down largely on the negative side of the film, which means it’s not going to get a lot of attention. A surprise nomination for any member of the cast isn’t unexpected, though not extremely likely.

Release Date:

December 7, 2007

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December 8, 2007 – Original

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