Film Preview: The Nines (2007)

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Poster Rating: B+

Review: The preview shows us little to nothing about this bracelet Ryan Reynolds is trying to remove in the poster, but it’s definitely intriguing. The color and layout flows together and while the movie may be utter dreck, at least the poster’s nice to look at.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: It’s The Number 23 but less dark and potentially more entertaining. Reynolds hasn’t proven he can act in a lead capacity yet, but this could give him the opportunity. There’s just enough Truman Show blended into this film that looks suspiciously like its drawing from the computer game The Sims, but it only serves to make it look even more intriguing.

Oscar Prospects:

The Truman Show didn’t fare as well with Oscar as many of us had hoped. Re-treading such a conceptisn’t likely to bowl them over either.

Release Date:

August 31, 2007


A sometimes intriguing, strange little movie about the relationships of three actors in three different stories.

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