Film Preview: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (2019)

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(March 17, 2019) Original

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April 10, 2019


From IMDb: “Toby, a disillusioned advertising executive, becomes pulled into a world of time jumping fantasy when a Spanish cobbler believes him to be Sancho Panza. He gradually becomes unable to tell dreams from reality.”

Poster Rating: C / B- / C+ / C

Review: (#1) There isn’t enough of interest to this poster design to recommend it. The rudimentary drawing and lettering may be appropriate, but it doesn’t feel appropriate. (#2) This is an interesting choice of themes for a poster with the protagonist riding a motorcycle out of the explosion of his compatriot. Interesting, but not great. (#3) A lot of details here and some of them are interesting, but it’s rather dull overall. (#4) Like the prior design, there’s a lot to this and it should work if it weren’t for the dull white background and the lack of urgency or intrigue.

Trailer Rating: B-

Review: It may have been awhile since his last film, but identifying a Terry Gilliam film is quite simple, especially with a trailer like this. The film looks chaotic and interesting even if not very good.

Oscar Prospects:


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