Film Preview: The Magnificent Seven (2016)

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September 23, 2016


From IMDb: “Seven gun men in the old west gradually come together to help a poor village against savage thieves.”

Poster Rating: B- / B- / C / C+ / C / C (4)

Review: (#1) This looks like something Quentin Tarantino would have concocted, though its highlighted black background doesn’t add much to the whole. (#2) This seems to be the style the film is going for in other adds. It isn’t much better than the prior, but there exist in this some interesting construction going on with its layout.

(#3) The trend of tilted poster designs intended to suggest rising action doesn’t do much with designs as simplistic as this. (#4) The dull backdrop, a call to a storm on the horizon, isn’t compelling, but the massive 7 and array of characters works sufficiently in spite of that. (#5) More action-oriented than its prior tilted-action deign, but it’s bland, weak and de-emphasizes cast members unnecessarily.

(#6-#9) Four of seen character posters (not sure where the other three are) using the motif of the prior design without much alteration or creative expression. Failures one and all.

Trailer Rating: C / B-

Review: (#1) Is this the Magnificent Seven or is it the Chris Pratt show? I like the guy, but his brand of mugging doesn’t fit this type of story very well and when you have a much bigger star in the guise of Denzel Washington, you would think it more likely that they’d focus on his character.

(#2) This should probably be the Magnificent Two since only Denzel Washington and Chris Pratt get much in the way of attention. That may be to lure in their fans to the box office, but it doesn’t fit well enough with the film’s premise even by highlighting each of the members of the group by number.

Oscar Prospects:

It’s unlikely the film will be able to appeal to Oscar voters enough to summon Oscar nominations. Releasing in September won’t do the film any favors.

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