Film Preview: The Eye (2008)

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Poster Rating: B-

Review: It’s a gimmick that partially works. Although the film takes on a supernatural subject, the symbolism of a hand reaching out of an eye is not particularly engaging when the symbolism doesn’t work. This is not a blind eye as depicted in the film, thus it makes little sense in the context of the film for it to be representational.

Trailer Rating: B-; C

Review: So Jessica Alba’s so desperate that she’s taking on horror roles? Not necessarily true as many of Hollywood’s B-list stars are slumming in horror of late. This one has an interesting premise (an artificial eye with the ability to see two worlds at once), but the lay of the trailer and the stinky February 1 release date suggest anything but a quality effort.

The film is looking more and more like Grade B horror schlock. Alba’s presence is certainly a selling point for most audiences, but after her completely lackluster oeuvre, I can’t help but believe this film is going to be the worst of garbage salvaged not by Alba’s performance, but by concept alone. This trailer is a step back, however, to a teaser…perhaps early glimpses haven’t quite incited the excitement they anticipated. This is evinced by the fact that the original trailer I watched is no longer available for viewing.

Oscar Prospects:

The 81st Oscars would have to be pretty desperate for nominees if this film were to manage any nominations.

Release Date:

February 1, 2008

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