Film Preview: The Dark Knight (2008)

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Poster Rating: B; B; B-; C-; C-

Review: The new poster is a lot more interesting and when paired with a knowledge of the film’s villain, it’s not hard to find some amusement in looking at this.

For being one of the hottest tickets of the year, the newest selection of posters lack style. Even this one that promotes the tagline “Why so serious?” and featuring a stooped joker drawing it on the wall, presumably in blood. I think it’s an effective teaser and certainly more inventive than a lot of other posters out there, but it’s not a “knock your socks off” kind of design.

This third poster is certainly more in line with the stylization of the film, featuring a city street, the Joker’s rear profile with a swift display of his trademark. However, there’s nothing else remarkable baout it.

The fourth, but last for this update, poster is wholly unremarkable. It has Batman looking out over the city from his glass tower, but there’s nothing else there. Yes, we understand who and what he is, but must we really be treated to such an inactive shot?

The image used in the poster is also the image used to hold a real poster’s place. At least I hope there’s a real poster coming…if not, then we’re in for some problems.

Trailer Rating: B; B-; B+

Review: As far as teasers go, thish one seems to have a bit of style that predecessors did not. I don’t remember many teasers that used voice work from the film to accentuate a lack of action on the screen. However, it works quite well here and the little glimpse of a card at the end adds to its merits.

This trailer makes the film look ten times darker than the Batman Begins and that’s a really difficult thing to do. The title is apropos for such a premise, but I’m a bit disappointed that the film is so bleak and much of the Joker’s frivilous tendencies seem to have been abandoned for malicious glee, which fits, but doesn’t make for a lot of fun.

This newest trailer is more in line with what many of us fans of Batman Begins were expecting. It’s interesting, involved, gives tantalizing details and finally presents us with a sufficient look at the Joker. Based on this trailer, I can imagine this dark and gritty flick being a huge success.

Oscar Prospects:

The Batman series has succeeded where many have not. Most series tend to peter out at the Oscars after they’ve hit rock bottom, but this series keeps chugging along and nabbed its seventh nomination with the franchise restart Batman Begins. Each of the films, except the thoroughly forgettable Batman & Robin has managed an Oscar nomination. Two nods were in the Cinematography category. Christopher Nolan may be able to squeeze another such nod out of his first sequel to the rebirth of the franchise, but I think it’s best bet is in Makeup if the Joker manages to look sufficiently creepy and convincing.

Release Date:

July 18, 2008


A dark, noir-like thriller set in a superhero universe exploring the gray zone between good and evil with striking and vicious results.

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