Film Preview: The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

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Poster Rating: D+

Review: Jason Bourne looking on his home. Seeing Matt Damon from the back isn’t interesting and the colors and layout are just irritating in combination.

Trailer Rating: B-; B-

Review: If you’ve seen the first two films, you don’t need to watch the trailer, because only about 50% of the trailer is new material, the rest is a collage of scenes setting up the new film. We learn that he’s back in town to take care of the person or persons who put him where he is, but we learn little else, which doesn’t help entice viewers to an action film (even if there are a limited few scenes in the trailer that feature such enticement).

An over-extension of the first trailer, the second trailer does little more to entice a viewer into watching the flick on the big screen. As I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the first two films, I can’t imagine this one being thematically stronger or more entertaining.

Oscar Prospects:

The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror recognized the film, but that Academy isn’t the same as the more famous. Oscar won’t pay any more attention to this third film
than it did to the first two.

Release Date:

August 3, 2007


Quick cuts and handheld cameras are more of a detriment than an aid to this typical, dark, spy story.

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