Film Preview: The Boss of It All (2007)

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Poster Rating: C+

Review: This style of lettering, color and design seems to be popular with more artistic films this year. While it wouldn’t serve to bring in a wide audience, it does do its best to entice an indie crowd. Unfortunately, there’s far too little to the poster and you have to see the trailer to have any real idea what the film’s about.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: Perhaps intrigued by the British television comedy
The Office or the American film Office Space, the normally engaging director Lars von Trier may just have found himself a dud. His films have tended towards dark drama and have generally shied away from comedy. What’s presented in the trailer doesn’t seem that funny at all and the storyline presented looks so silly. It will definitely not be a film for the indie crowd that like The Squid and the Whale or Ghost World.

Oscar Prospects:

I don’t see Oscar falling for this one either. Only Breaking the Waves really saw any major Oscar contention. Even when Dancer in the Dark won at Cannes and premiered in the U.S. to rave reviews, the Academy gave it a lukewarm reception only nominating one song from the film. von Trier won’t take home any Oscar attention this time, either.

Release Date:

May 23, 2007

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May 19, 2007 – Original

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