Film Preview: The Accountant (2016)

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October 14, 2016


From IMDb: “A forensic accountant un-cooks the books for illicit clients.”

Poster Rating: C+ / B- / B-

Review: (#1) It isn’t that strong structurally, but the artistic style of the image itself is uncommon in today’s market. (#2) This is perhaps too much of a teaser to be great, but the significance of the puzzle piece details makes it far stronger than similar teaser designs.

(#3) Taking the second design and merely moving the title banner doesn’t add much to the design except confirming to audiences that Ben Affleck is the star. It removes some of the mystery, but heightens the likelihood of it making money, if only slightly.

Trailer Rating: B+ / B

Review: (#1) In trailer design, more can be good, but if handled properly, less can be exciting. That’s the impression one gets from The Accountant‘s first trailer. The film has some mystery to it, some significant details, and is overall most interestingly structured.

(#2) Giving more details to the film than the first trailer gives does mute its impact somewhat. The film still has all the earmarks of an engaging spy thriller, but by revealing more than we needed, it injures its aims somewhat.

Oscar Prospects:

Could this be Ben Affleck’s Best Actor breakthrough? The October release could be a good sign and the trailers suggest a strong film, but it might not be enough.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Poster #1Poster #2Poster #3

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