Film Preview: Terror’s Advocate (2007)

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Posters (Due to age, may no longer be available)

Poster Rating: B-

Review: The poster is a moderately intersting one. The man who represented each of these “terorrists” in the courtroom is the subject of the documentary and this is moderately well conveyed in the poster. However, the black-and-white (small touch of red) for the main image doesn’t blend well with the greenish-tints of the “terrorists”.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: It’s hard to believe that a documentary about a defense lawyer, especially one who’s represented some of history’s most vile and reprehensible individuals, could prove to look so interesting. Although unlikely to be a propoganda film, it explores the freedoms most of us take for granted in a court of law. That is an intriguing prospect.

Oscar Prospects:

The problem is that this film is too high a concept for the Academy to embrace. They’ll stay their distance from this film even if it’s a compelling work of documentary narrative. They wouldn’t want the controversy.

Release Date:

October 12, 2007

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October 27, 2007 – Original

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