Film Preview: Stephanie Daley (2007)

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Poster Rating: C-

Review: Too much clutter in the form of critical praise in this poster. It might work to attract an art house audience, but mainstream America isn’t likely to catch on. It also bears a bit too strong a resemblance to the poster for Fargo.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: While it might be interesting to see someone realistically struggle with a teenage pregnancy, I wonder if the parallelism with the pregnant psychiatrist will help or hurt the film. It is clear that Tilda Swinton may be doing some of her best work here.

Oscar Prospects:

Swinton could finally receive Oscar recognition for this performance. It has some great critical support, which can only bolster her chances. Amber Tamblyn could be a surprise nominee, but the April release isn’t going to be conducive to a strong campaign.

Release Date:

April 20, 2007

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March 28, 2007 – Original

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