Film Preview: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019)

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December 20, 2019


From IMDb: “The final chapter of the saga from a galaxy far, far away.”

Poster Rating: D+ / B- / B+ / C+ / B- / C+ / C- (13) / B+ / C+ / B

Review: (#1) The first poster is always a simple tease. It reveals the film’s terrible title with nothing much else to show for it.

(#2) A simple design that has a surprising amount of thematic relevance, making it seem like the film we’ve been waiting for. (#3) The third design using this cute storybook aesthetic and it still works surprising well. (#4) A structural balance that feels off, a color scheme that feels dull, and a lot of details that don’t enhance one another. There are a couple of design elements that almost work, but not sufficiently. (#5) This art is good, but it always feels a bit simplistic or even childish. That said, it’s solid work.

(#6) It’s a simple design with a X-Wing fighting a fleet of imperial warships. It gets the idea across fairly well. (#7-#19) This series of character posters looks like it was pulled from the original film and that connection is no accident. Too bad they aren’t more interesting individually. (#20) This is the design that all Star Wars films aspire to, so Germany gets its fill. (#21) The way the images are woven together is solid even if there’s a lot of wasted space in the design. (#22) Another throwback to the original Star War poster designs with plenty of detail for fans to look over.

Trailer Rating: A- / B+

Review: (#1) Fans of the franchise will no doubt be excited by what they see in this trailer, which looks quite a bit like all of the other trailers, including the opening breaths.

(#2) There’s more here than the prior trailer, but that doesn’t mean there’s more to love. There was a certain mysteriousness to the original trailer that is utterly absent here. While the plot is still a bit murky, the redemptive elements of the trailer hint dramatically at what that is, but that doesn’t make it the more compelling.

Oscar Prospects:

You can always count on a few nominations for a Star Wars film and this final chapter is sure to pick up a handful.

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