Film Preview: Shrek the Third (2007)

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Poster Rating: B+; C; C+

Review: The ill-fitting crown is symbolic of Shrek’s desire not to rule a kingdom and makes the poster at least artistic but little does it do to entice anyone to see the film except on name recognition (which is also conspicuously absent and gives the poster more weight).

The characters running towards the viewer is rather kid friendly, but not very interesting. The three in the background is so similar to the two used in the first sequel’s campaign it just feels like old news.

The third poster is a little bit better as it doesn’t rely on a bunch of smiling characters to sell the film. However, it is no more impressive than previous or existing works for the film.

Trailer Rating: B; A-; B-

Review: Despite the jokes beginning to fade as we are consistently exposed to drivel like Happy N’Ever After, Shrek 3 promises to deliver similar jokes to the original but with hopefully fresher turns. This preview doesn’t scream stay away and has a few rather humorous segments.

From trepedation to surety, Shrek the Third should be every bit as fun and entertaining as Shrek 2. With a plethora of interesting pop-culture references and fairy tale twisting, this trilogy should easily go out with a bang!

Another trailer and this time they go far enough to be less interesting. Revealing even more scenes from the film, the producers are going for the hard sell despite having a product that doesnt need it.

Oscar Prospects:

This is one of the contenders for this year’s awrad. Since the original won this award and the first sequel didn’t, it’s hard to imagine the Academy recognizing the third film. Competition in the Sound Mixing category might be a possibility but not incredibly likely.

Release Date:

May 18, 2007


Boy, can a preview deceive. The second preview was definitely providing a chance for some entertainment, but actually watching the film proved differently. The jokes are quite a bit recycled and it definitely felt like they had run out of ideas as there aren’t a lot of really good or great jokes to be found.

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