Film Preview: Saw IV (2007)

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Poster Rating: B-; B; B

Review: The first is every bit as pseudo-macabre as the others in the franchise and, if it weren’t for the title, we might even be able to guess the source film without much effort.

The second poster is slightly better than the first because it returns to the use of implements that made the series’ previous posters indellibly creepy.

The creativity finally surfaces in the best of the Saw IV posters. The coloring, suggestiveness and inventiveness blend quite well together. This poster sufficiently carries on the tradition of the series without reaching for a radically new style.

Trailer Rating: C; C-

Review: “Projecting” snipits of scenes from the film on various mediums in an undisclosed room doesn’t give the audience much of a thrill. Sure, those who love the series will become excited over the prospects of a fourth film, but there’s too little in the trailer to suggest the film even has a plot this time.

So they call this a “trailer”? I call it another teaser that doesn’t really do much but suggest Jigsaw will be torturing people from the dead (if he’s even that).

Oscar Prospects:

Sequel? Check. Horror? Check. Oscar? Only if Jigsaw abducts at least one fifth of the Academy members and steals their ballots. That’s not such a bad idea!

Release Date:

October 26, 2007

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