Film Preview: Ratatouille (2007)

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Poster Rating: B-; C+; C

Review: This one appears to evoke scenes from the tantalizing preview. It fits the style of the film as far as we know.

The first is generally often the best and here that proves to be true. While the first poster is both goofy and tantalizing, the second poster looks more like a cookbook cover where rat is the main course.

Though worse still is the third poster which does what I hate most about animated features. It takes the film’s stars and puts them on one big "scene" poster. It’s nice to see the characters, but its entire layout is bland and unexceptional.

Trailer Rating: A; B

Review: It’s rather shocking that Disney can produce the utterly regrettable trailer for Meet the Robinsons and then produce the highly entertaining and tantalizing preview for Ratatouille. While Shrek 3 will be the one burning up the Summer box office. This preview makes it seem like this will be the film to top critics lists.; This second trailer tells far too much of the story of the film. We know that this inept chef becomes the toast of the restaurant, the head chef wants a piece of the action and the lead human character falls in love while the mouse becomes a success. I’m still not deterred from watching it, but I’m a little disappointed at the hard sell approach to trailer-craft.

Oscar Prospects:

This will be Disney’s entry into the Oscar race. It’s a Pixar film and its concept looks amusing. This is the only film I can really point to as a major contender for the Animated Film award so far this year and could very well be the winner. It might even pick up nods in other categories. We’ll have to see how the film is before we make a final guess.

Release Date:

June 29, 2007


Although the new posters are a bit bland, the movie is anything but. Filled with beautiful scenery, delicious humor and terrific voice-over work, Ratatouille is easily the cream of this year’s animated crop and is easily one of Pixar’s best ever.

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