Film Preview: Rails & Tails (2007)

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Poster Rating: B

Review: As we get into Oscar season, the posters are going to start looking a lot like the advertising and this is certainly no exception. Highlighting the stars of the film with a scene analogous to the film’s title helps to keep the symbolic and inherent meaning of the title in a viewer’s mind.

Trailer Rating: B-

Review: Kevin Bacon has slowly emerged from his reputation as a party boy, eighties film figure with no appreciable range. With his wide array of believable an interesting performances of late, this is the first one that really shows a dramatic side where he doesn’t have other Hollywood vets playing him down. The film doesn’t look terribly good from a preview standpoint, but with Bacon and Marcia Gay Harden involved, the project is at least a little elevated.

Oscar Prospects:

Harden was nomianted for Mystic River but Bacon was not. This could be a reverse with such a strong year of female lead roles in the offering. The film could surprise and become a critic’s darling, but I’m not expecting very much, but the film’s strongest chance at a nod is Bacon.

Release Date:

October 26, 2007

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