Film Preview: Private Fears in Public Places (2007)

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Poster Rating: C

Review: This poster does what I dislike in many such creations. It features scenes from the film in bars stretched across the design. It then makes the background look like a snowy season in Paris. There’s no real substance to the artwork. It looks like a bunch of items cobbled together to pass for advertisement.

Trailer Rating: B+

Review: The trailer succeeds where the poster fails. We’re introduced to a tri-segmented romantic story that has some promise. Using actors who are largely unfamiliar to US audiences (Lambert Wilson can be recognized from his appearance as the Merovingian in The Matrix sequels), it may make it more accessible to American audiences, though unlikely. I have some misgivings about the preview as it does seem a bit like every other romantic film of late, so I’m not certain it will really appeal to a lot of people who aren’t fans of foreign lingo pics.

Oscar Prospects:

While the prospects of another film set during a wintery period aren’t great, the trailer does at least suggest another strong French foreign language entry. This one probably won’t be as successful as La Vie en Rose because it’s not period-set, but it could still be a strong contender for a nomination, though not for a win.

Release Date:

April 13, 2007

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May 19, 2007 – Original

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