Film Preview: Onward (2020)

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Release Date:

March 6, 2020


From IMDb: “The Unauthorized Game of Thrones Parody.”

Poster Rating: B / C / B+ / C+ / B / B- / C+ (4) / B+ / C+ / B- / C+ (3) / C (4) / C+ / B / C

Review: (#1) Light on details, which doesn’t make it exciting, but there’s enough here to be of interest to the average viewer, especially if they are already Pixar fans.

(#2) While the patches on this jean jacket are fitting to the film and its premise, the execution feels forced and strangely uninspired. (#3) This design is similar to one I’ve seen previously and both designs are unique and interesting, drawing in simple elements for the film and creating a surprising amount of depth. (#4) This design does tell the audience a good deal about what the film’s storyline is, but that might not be enough to win them over. It’s also poorly structured with the staff looking more like a torch.

(#5) Calculated to have the maximum space-usage, this design ends up being dull as a result. (#6) Another example of trying too hard to fit everything in and feeling cluttered. (#7-#10) This series of character posters gets bonus points for creative framing, but loses plenty of points for similar dull backgrounds and cheap poses. (#11) Unlike the previous efforts to fit as much into the design as possible, using various lines styles and design elements to isolate each and make the entire design cohesive, makes for a better design.

(#12) The first in a series of character posters that just doesn’t inspire much but faint interest. (#13) A haphazardly structured design with no seeming purpose. (#14-#16) This series of character posters continues the prior batch, 7-10. (#17-#20) This batch of character posters continues the one started on #12 and is further proof that the design’s not that good. (#21) Like the prior designs, this one tries very hard to get as many elements involved as possible without concern for how bad that looks. (#22) A beautiful Japanese-style drawing that isn’t quite as inventive as the other series that has been going on for several months, but it’s a pleasing effort. (#23) Sadly, this effort has tried for something creative and then failed to be very rich or compelling.

Trailer Rating: B / C / B-

Review: (#1) Trading on existing tropes and twisted norms, this trailer has a lot of humor going for it, but also doesn’t quite have the kind of direction that audiences demand.

(#2) The promise of the first trailer is squandered in the second with the audience now likely wondering what about this trailer makes the film look potentially entertaining or even worthy of the Pixar name.

(#3) Getting details of the adventure certainly makes the whole affair look more rewarding, but even with fantastical premises in the past, Pixar’s films looked less glossy.

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