Film Preview: Ocean’s 13 (2007)

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Poster Rating: C-; C-

Review: This poster looks almost exactly like the one for Reno 911: Miami except that it’s a top-down view of the stars of the film. It’s nice to see who’s in the production, but the fact that there are only 12 people on the cover and since thirteen should be the number of characters depicted (as it has in the past), they’ve done too much that’s not quite enough.

The new poster’s not much of an improvement. The playing card symbols in the corners are a bit cheesy for a film with a more dark comedic edge. The worst part is that it’s the same twelve-person cast that contradicts the film’s title and everyone’s in the same image and in the same position on the poster except slightly smaller.

Trailer Rating: B-; C+

Review: This series of sequels is getting tedious. I haven’t yet seen one of the films, yet this one seems mildly intriguing. But, that’s much like all the others. They seemed mildly intriguing and I still didn’t go see them. Comedy heist films have become more common than good heist films. This will ring up the dollars with audiences but probably not with critics.;
As with most trailers that build on teasers, this one looks about the same, but giving away more of the "funny" parts. It doesn’t add one bit to the preview and suggests that star power alone might not be able to carry this film.

Oscar Prospects:

The first two films didn’t garner Oscar attention. I see no reason why this second sequel should do so.

Release Date:

June 8, 2007

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