Film Preview: No Manches Frida (2016)

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(August 28, 2016) Original

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September 2, 2016


From IMDb: “NO MANCHES FRIDA is the story of Zequi, a recently released bank robber who goes to recover stolen money buried by his ditzy accomplice before going to jail. They return to the site only to find that Frida Kahlo High has built a gymnasium over the loot. To get the money, he poses as a substitute teacher for a school that can’t seem to keep any teachers around. Zequi comes in ready to lay down the law- but he quickly finds out that life on the inside may have been easier to deal with than a school full of wild and rebellious teenagers.”

Poster Rating: C

Review: An unimpressive comedy design that tries to build on so many school-based poster foundations that it ends up a mess.

Trailer Rating: C- / C

Review: (#1) The first trailer paints the picture of a simple film about a substitute teacher trying to corral and educate recalcitrant students. The film looks like a pale imitator of countless inspirational education dramas, except is a wan comedy. (#2) This second trailer creates a whole different premise for the film, one of an ex-convict trying to gain access to buried loot, but having to invade a school to do so. This is a bit funnier, but many of the same problems from the first trailer arise in this one as well.

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Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Poster #1

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