Film Preview: National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)

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Poster Rating: B

Review: I don’t know why visions of Next are swimming in my head after this, but the poster does bear some resemblance. The poster design is still creative and at once convey’s the films dynamic locations and the “Indiana Jones”-style modern search for treasure. If only the flames weren’t shooting up at the bottom, it might have been a better effort.

Trailer Rating: B; B+; C-

Review: The trailer might have been a bit more interesting had it not tacked on a “scene” from the film where Justin Bartha is asking Nic Cage about what they’ll be doing next. Otherwise, the effects are interesting and the concept is intriguing, but I’m not sure if lightning will strike twice. However, as long as Helen Mirren is in it, I’m there.

The first full-length trailor makes the film look quite a bit more exciting than the teaser. As a fan of puzzles, National Treasure was a guilty pleasure when it came out. Now, I’ll hopefully have the opportunity to experience that thrill again if the film lives up to the expectations st by the trailer.

As the release date approaches, the newest trailer only makes the film seem a little more ridiculous. Moving in an opposite direction from the teaser trailer, this second full-length trailer takes us through one long scene of the film, then very short snippets previewing the rest of the film. The scene presented is rather unexceptional save for a cute canine moment that only highlights how awful what you see around it.

Oscar Prospects:

I do not foresee a change in direction from the first film’s lack of presence at the Oscars.

Release Date:

December 21, 2007


As expected, the film fails to live up to its predecessors expectations, featuring rather ludicrous puzzles and a slew of unexceptional performances.

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