Film Preview: Midsommar (2019)

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(May 19, 2019) New Trailer (#2) / New Poster (#2)
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Release Date:

August 9, 2019


From IMDb: “A young woman reluctantly joins her boyfriend on a summer trip where things quickly go awry.”

Poster Rating: C+ / B- / C+ / B-

Review: (#1) An interesting design that speaks to the film’s solstice festivities setting, but it doesn’t have a lot else going for it.

(#2) There’s not a lot to this design, but it’s tearful simplicity is strangely intriguing.

(#3) As the women dance around the May Pole-like creation, it doesn’t tell the audience enough about what to expect. (#4) This is a bit more eye-catching and while it still doesn’t tell the audience what the film is about, it’s a well chosen image.

Trailer Rating: B+ / B

Review: (#1) Ari Aster brought an inventive energy to Hereditary and although this trailer is a bit light on the details, the mood and ambiance is compelling and the potential is strong.

(#2) A lot more detail doesn’t necessarily make for a more appealing trailer. While we don’t know the details of the ritual, the horror of it is more apparent, but strangely less appealing.

Oscar Prospects:


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