Film Preview: Meet the Robinsons (2007)

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    Review: Nothing impressive from the Mouse House in its relatively mediocre-appearing feature.

    Trailer Rating: D

    Review: For an animated comedy, this film sure looks like another Disney Dud. With only two funny moments in the preview “caffeine patch” and “big head, little arms”, it’s apparent the film is asking not to be taken seriously. Much like the rather obnoxious Robots, Meet the Robinsons looks like a waste of time and space that will no doubt make money for Disney in spite of itself.

    Oscar Prospects:

    Depending on its box office performance compared with Disney’s Ratatouille, one of the two will be a nominee under the three-nom system. If there are five, both films could be considered. Robinsons is the least likely to be nominated of the two and probably won’t figure into any other race.

    Release Date:

    March 30, 2007


    Watching this film, I was reminded how kid-attuned Disney is. Sure there aren’t any overwhelmingly complex plots to tease the adult brain, but there’s plenty of child-targeted humor. I’m also reminded how much of the child is still left within us all. I laughed quite frequently watching this film, even if two separate events towards the end threw the entire thing into a massive paradox.

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