Film Preview: Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

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Poster Rating: D+

Review: There isn’t a lot to this poster, which does two things. It relieves the audience of clutter andthen prompts the viewer to look at it and move on. The sparks at the bottom used to bring your attention to the title are out of joint with the rest of the poster.

Trailer Rating: C; C

Review: When Die Hard with a Vengeance came out, the preview made it look like every other actioner out there. This does the same thing. While I ended up liking Die Hard 3, I’m not certain I’ll like this one. That closing “done this before” makes it seem like the makers are trying too hard. At least the trailer didn’t give anything away.; I think there might have been just a few more scenes featuring the film’s villain, but that’s about it.

Oscar Prospects:

It’ll definitely be a box office success but it won’t figure into this year’s Oscars, not even in the Sound categories where it would otherwise be a conteder (not so with so many other action films this Summer).

Release Date:

June 29, 2007

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