Film Preview: La Vie en Rose (2007)

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Poster Rating: B+; B

Review: The poster is rich and interesting. Its colors are vivid and add to the mystique of the overall design. It’s simple, yet elegant.

The second poster isn’t as engaging as the first, though it does have a lot of interesting sylistic elements. It literally helps to paint a picture of the character’s rough and dismal history (the background) while her present life seems so perfect and beautiful.

Trailer Rating: A-

Review: If this film isn’t submitted for the Oscars, someone’s going to kick themselves. The trailer is undeniably engaging. The story of Edith Piaf working her way from poverty to celebrity looks gorgeous and could very easily be a contender for the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.

Oscar Prospects:

If it’s submitted, I predict it will be nominated. If it’s nominated, it might very well win.

Release Date:

June 8, 2007


Much like the colorful life of the film’s subject, La Vie en Rose explores the strange and emotional life of torch singer Edith Piaf and gives Marion Cotillard an Oscar for her tremendous performance.

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