Film Preview: Knocked Up (2007)

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Poster Rating: C-; C-

Review: Two posters whose quality is decidedly limited. The first simply shows the average guy and asks what would happen if that guy got your prgenant. Not very inventive nor amazingly enticing.; The second poster does a little more to evoke the spirit of the film but does little to capitalize on the humor of the movie.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: The 40-Year-Old Virgin gets a girl pregnant. I don’t know whether Judd Apatow will move on next to a film about buying diapers for yourself or if he’s just planning on keeping up with making movies about surprisingly sweet, unattractive guys hooking up with good-looking women. Either way, this one doesn’t appeal to me.

Oscar Prospects:

I have little doubt that we won’t see this film anywhere near the Oscars.

Release Date:

June 1, 2007


A solid, but not spectacular love story blended with seldom touch, but somewhat funny moments.

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