Film Preview: Juno (2007)

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Poster Rating: C-; C

Review: This poster tries too hard to be funny when the film looks more like a dark comedy. The light comedy design of the poster may entice the wrong crowd who will come out disappointed it wasn’t more chipper for the trailer looks anything other than joyful.

This new poster is the general cover art that’s being used for the film. While it carries forward the same orange-and-white striped motif, this poster actually capitalizes on Michael Cera’s popularity and a pregnant Ellen Page to try and sell this comedy.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: While the preview makes the film look mildly amusing, I can’t shake the feeling I’ve seen the film before. It looks like a blend of Ghost World and Knocked Up. It also bears an uncanny cinematographical comparison to drama The Sweet Hereafter. It’ll be a modest indie hit but I’m not sure it will launch with other audiences.

Oscar Prospects:

Ellen Page is getting big notices for her work though what’s on-screen in the preview isn’t anymore exceptional than past work by Sarah Polley, Christina Ricci or Thora Birch. If she gets a nomination it will be solely based on buzz, early screener release and a weak Best Actress field. Then again, the she may be absolutely brilliant in the full-length film. We’ll have to wait and see once it leaves the festival circuits and goes wide.

Release Date:

December 5, 2007


Even the normally lackluster Jennifer Garner performs above expectations in this delightful teen pregnancy pic. It doesn’t back down from tough questions, but may suffer a bit from an overabundant use of slang that makes it feel less realistic.

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