Film Preview: Jane Got a Gun (2016)

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(October 25, 2015) Original
(January 24, 2016) New Trailer (#2) / New Posters (#4 & #5)

Release Date:

October 30, 2015


From IMDb: “A woman asks her ex-lover for help in order to save her outlaw husband from a gang out to kill him.”

Poster Rating: B- (3) / B (2)

Review: (#1-#3) The only background of the three that adequately fits the character is the one from Ewan McGregor, otherwise these three designs are too similar and not compelling enough.

(#4-#5) Astute observers will notice the size changes of both the foreground image and the boilerplate at the base of the poster. Neither change is appreciably different and neither makes one or the other better. It’s a solid design that doesn’t rely on very many others to exist, making it a creative design for our present advertising environment.

Trailer Rating: B- / B

Review: (#1) The trailer doesn’t do enough to establish the actual premise of the film, which makes it seem woefully inadequate, though anyone interested in seeing a semi-feminist western might be intrigued.

(#2) A touch more interesting than the prior out. It looks like a fairly standard western picture with an appealing feminist motif added for depth. The standard revenge and persecution narratives look compelling, which might give it teeth despite being dumped at the tail end of February with virtually no fanfare.

Oscar Prospects:

Troubled production. Long-delayed release. Early-year release. These three items are pretty damning evidence that the film isn’t going to compete at the Oscars. It could make a small run at the creative categories, but any chances of it being a towering Oscar contender are almost nil.

Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Poster #1Poster #2Poster #3

Poster #4Poster #5

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