Film Preview: Interview (2007)

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Poster Rating: C

Review: Cluttered and utterly disinteresting. This poster reminds me well of the trailer, but that’s not a good thing. The decision to showcase images from the film of the two leads in various states of emotion does very little to enrapture the audience. Putting the less famous Miller at the top mitigates the more famed, but less attractive Buscemi being featured on the poster.

Trailer Rating: C-

Review: The feature looks dreadfully pretentious. Like some art house junkies ode to the genre. Buscemi directs, but his last film wasn’t as successful as he’d hoped. I don’t think many people will go to see this film, but by the looks of the trailer, there will be an art house audience who’ll celebrate it as a situational masterpiece. However, most serious connoisseurs will likely be turned off.

Oscar Prospects:

Buscemi’s not an Oscar magnet. Even his well received turn in Ghost World failed to earn recognition from the Academy.

Release Date:

July 13, 2007

Page Revisions:

June 9, 2007 – Original

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