Film Preview: Hostel: Part II (2007)

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Poster Rating: D; C

Review: I can’t seem to figure out what this poster is supposed to depict, but knowing the first film, I’m not sure I really want to know. However, this one will easily turn off anyone not wanting to see a sequel to one of the most gory horror films yet made.

The second poster is easily more recognizable but it doesn’t give us the feeling that the first film’s did. We’ve got a woman hanging upside down with a title, but it really gives us no indication of the story or what the audience would be in for.

Trailer Rating: D-; C+

Review: Tease it does but it provides little info into this horror sequel that takes on the girls instead of the guys. Retread is what it feels like. There will certainly be “new” methods of torture, mutilation and murder, but the originality that made the original so interesting is very likely to be lost evinced by the continually shifting release date.

The second trailer (labeled Trailer 1 now on the link above), is far more expressive of the type of film and does make it seem less like a rehash than it probably will be.
It adds an interesting prospect of getting a more in depth look at the "flesh" trade that was only lightly touched upon in the original.

Oscar Prospects:

In its dreams. Not only is it a sequel, but it’s a horror film. And that’s not even the reason why Oscar will ignore it.

Release Date:

June 8, 2007

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May 19, 2007 – Original

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