Film Preview: Grindhouse (2007)

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Poster Rating: A-; B+; B-; B+; B

Review: Four posters to review and the top one is definitely the best. It epitomizes the style of poster production in the era of which the film pays homage.

The second poster shows one of the more interesting characters from the preview which may give too much of the fun away but the trailer does a good enough job with that.

Poster three does very little but show another of the characters from the first half of the double feature with a syringe. It’s not terribly interesting.

The bottom poster ignores the trends of the previous two by using actual hand-drawn artwork instead of manipulated film images.

The fifth poster, a weaker hybrid than the first is still a good expression of the film’s theme.

Trailer Rating: B+; B+

Review: This pair of films promises to be cheesy and ludicrous as all get out and I must admit it looks quite fun.; This second trailer more clearly delineates the two films and suggests Robert Rodriguez’ film Planet Terror will be far more satisfying than Quentin Tarantino’s Death Proof. Either way, I’ll see both (since it is a double feature for one price).

Oscar Prospects:

I can’t imagine the Academy going for this movie unless it’s in the Editing category. We’ll have great fun, but Oscar will likely stay home.

Release Date:

April 6, 2007


On the whole, this throwback to the ’70s is most interesting. When broken into its parts, the film is really two shorter films with multiple "trailer" vignettes. Planet Terror is incredibly fun pulp fiction. Death Proof is lazy, self-important faux feminist twaddle. All of the "sneak peek" trailers are surprisingly entertaining and could each easily spawn sequels to the film (if it weren’t for the tanking box office)

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