Film Preview: Gold (2016)

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(September 11, 2016) Original
(January 15, 2017) New Trailer (#2) / New Posters (#2-#4)
(January 22, 2017) New Poster (#5)

Release Date:

December 25, 2016


From IMDb: “An unlikely pair venture to the Indonesian jungle in search of gold.”

Poster Rating: C / C- / D+ / D / C+

Review: (#1) Discover a new land, but does it have much to say about the film or its protagonist? Not really. That makes it modestly ineffectual.

(#2) The Golden Jungle and the actual Jungle form the basis for this chunky design that doesn’t raise the level of awareness of the film as the producers want. It makes the film look a bit garish. (#3) This all-Golden Jungle setting makes the design of poster #2 seem all the better by comparison. (#4) Far more subtle than the previous posters, there’s just too much blank space. The design looks like an artist just tossed together elements on a lark hoping the producers would pick them.

(#5) This is a slightly better design than the prior attempts to juxtapose the jungle and the big city. The division being our protagonist is a bit more clear even if the whole design looks overly fluffed.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: How is it that every Matthew McConaughey film looks so similar to each other? He seems to be stuck in this classic underdog role, which doesn’t quite suit his oft overbearing presence. For his fans, the trailer will work wonders. For everyone else, I find little in this to encourage their attendance.

Oscar Prospects:

Once again Matthew McConaughey is in the Oscar conversation, but competition is fierce and I don’t expect him to make the cut.

Trailer #1


Poster #1Poster #2Poster #3

Poster #4Poster #5

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