Film Preview: Gods of Egypt (2016)

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(November 22, 2015) Original
(January 31, 2016) New Trailer (#2) / New Posters (#9-#12)

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February 26, 2016


From IMDb: “A common thief joins a mythical god on a quest through Egypt.”

Poster Rating: D (2) / B (6) / C / B- (3)

Review: (#1 & #2) These two posters are somewhat teasing, but they don’t seem to have any rational purpose for being. A supremely forgettable pair. (#3-#8) These character posters are interesting and visually diverse, but they also have a cheesy quality that is unmistakable, which may taint the film’s potential market.

(#9) Doubling down on the molten gold motif, this poster is no more interesting than the two dull teaser trailers that have come out for the film. (#10-#12) The differences between these three are relatively minor. While the middle one goes for a more naturalistic lighting structure, they all bear the same level of interesting visual elements that should entice a passer-by who might be curious about the film as a result of looking at the poster.

Trailer Rating: C- / C-

Review: (#1) This trailer makes the film look like a crass, derivative attempt to entice fans of the Zack Snyder era of filmmaking, which means soulless junk filled with pretty people and pretty visuals, but ultimately being pretty useless.

(#2) As dismally cheap as its predecessor, this trailer continues to try and sell a knock-off Greek fantasy combat film where mortals fight gods, but never in an interesting or necessary manner. This is a film that clearly looks to exist only to put fans of fantasy combat films in the seats, but may not be terribly successful at it.

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