Film Preview: Ghost Rider (2007)

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Poster Rating: D+

Review: This poster is very busy trying to highlight its stars, the flaming skull and the bike but it does little else but represent the standard Hollywood idea of poster-making: no depth.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: Nicolas Cage hasn’t found a suitable vehicle since Leaving Las Vegas. He’s far more compelling in non-actioners but here he is again making the big dough and while the effects look mildly cool, the performance and the film look like they’ll be atrocious.

Oscar Prospects:

Critical ravaging hasn’t stopped some productions from figuring into the Oscars, but the Visual Effects are at least decent, but the Summer blockbusters are far more likely to pick up Oscar nods than this film.

Release Date:

February 16, 2007


This comic book-to-screen adaptation is as unncessary as most of the others. Heavily reminiscent of Spawn, Ghost Rider blends the worst elements of Elektra in for a poorly acted, poorly scripted farce of the genre.

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