Film Preview: Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

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Poster Rating: B+; B; B-

Review: Simple and doesn’t reveal too much. If the word “Rise” weren’t in the upper left hand corner, this might be a more impressive poster.

Using the same image from a different angle in the second poster, we find ourselves with added material that give it too much color. The original was striking and the second one has some of the same elements, but a lot is lost with the extra detail.

The third poster uses the same image as the first and while the Fantastic Four symbol in the back is decent, the requisite cast shot at the bottom adds quite a bit of clutter that doesn’t serve the poster’s artistry well.

Trailer Rating: B+; C-

Review: Definitely have to give credit for teasing the audience without giving too much away. Although I expect this movie to be as predictable, corny and exasperating as the original, this trailer at least makes it look like it might be interesting.

It’s another over-revelatory preview. Sure they bring in audiences with these, but is it really worth the effort to give away too much that might be fun? This preview suggests that the visual effects will be quite good. Some of the ideas presented, however, don’t give much hope for a meaningful plot.

Oscar Prospects:

From the trailer alone, a Visual Effects nomination seems like a slam dunk and if the graphics don’t succumb to a weak screenplay, an Oscar win might not be out of the question. Other possibilities are the tech categories of Sound Mixing and Sound Editing.

Release Date:

June 15, 2007


Only passingly better than the original, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer better employs the characters’ powers, but fails in providing a more interesting or original plot.

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