Film Preview: Extra Ordinary (2020)

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March 6, 2020


From IMDb: “Rose, a sweet, lonely driving instructor in rural Ireland, is gifted with supernatural abilities. Rose has a love/hate relationship with her ‘talents’ & tries to ignore the constant spirit related requests from locals – to exorcise possessed rubbish bins or haunted gravel. But! Christian Winter, a washed up, one-hit-wonder rock star, has made a pact with the devil for a return to greatness! He puts a spell on a local teenager- making her levitate. Her terrified father, Martin Martin, asks Rose to help save his daughter. Rose has to overcome the fear of her supernatural gift & work with Martin to save the girl, get the guy and be home in time for a light snack…maybe a yogurt or something…”

Poster Rating: C+ / C / B- / C-

Review: (#1) While it’s an interesting element from the film and has a humorous aspect to it, there’s just too much empty space. (#2) There are indeed ghosts everywhere and they seem to be of different sizes, but it’s just a sea of blandness. (#3) It looks like a bizarre cross between numerous 70s and 80s horror film designs, which exacerbates its feeling of unoriginality. (#4) That background is terrible and poses aren’t terribly interesting. This just isn’t that interesting.

Trailer Rating: C / C+

Review: (#1) This first trailer doesn’t exactly sizzle, making the film look like an unsuccessfully manic horror comedy. (#2) The second trailer does a little better making it all seem more interesting, but the whole thing still feels rather disjointed.

Oscar Prospects:


Trailer #1

Trailer #2


Poster #1Poster #2Poster #3

Poster #4

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