Film Preview: Evan Almighty (2007)

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Poster Rating: A

Review: This poster perfectly captures the theme of the film. It may have a number of different images, but it doesn’t feel cluttered.

Trailer Rating: B; C

Review: The preview’s mildly funny and that’s thanks to Steve Carell who’s one of those actors I can stomach only in small doses. This one looks like it’s going to annoy me as much as the idea of him playing Uncle Arthur in Bewitched.; If the first trailer didn’t give enough away, then check out the second because it tells us the entire plot of the film almost down to the order in which events will occur. There aren’t many more funny moments displayed and this could signal a film that’s less funny than we might have otherwise expected.

Oscar Prospects:

While the original, Bruce Almighty, was indeed fun, I have my misgivings about this film. The original was actually focused on Bruce’s failures and his ability to bounce back after signifcant realization. This film looks more like a broad comedy, which the Academy doesn’t tend to like. Box office success? Sure. Oscar glory? Nope.

Release Date:

June 22, 2007


All the charm and wit that made Bruce Almighty a fun film is leeched out leaving a husk a film. Steve Carell is at his least funny and the plot is a 100% retread of every humorless religious comedy ever made.

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