Film Preview: Drillbit Taylor (2008)

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Poster Rating: C-; D-

Review: Better than the first, placeholder poster, this one is not that much better. Relying on Owen Wilson to sell the film is one thing and putting him into a goofy “martial arts” pose as his character might have is another. Combining the too seems overly ridiculous and entirely uninvolving.

Spare me the placeholders, Apple. Another one for another film they’ve just put up. I’d rather have the real thing, but we take the posters where we can get them. Something perhaps a little more synonymous with the title would have been better.

Trailer Rating: B-

Review: I really hope Owen Wilson’s character name is explained in the movie because the title character in the trailer doesn’t seem at all fitting. But perhaps that’s the reason why? Very little fits in this latest stop-the-bully flick. They’re adding in adult romance so that they can hopefully attract more than the teen demographic that will likely waste their money on this film. While some of it looks interesting, there’s not much substance according to the preview.

Oscar Prospects:

Next year’s Oscar race is not getting started with this film. As idiosyncratic as the Academy is, this is not the kind of film those members are into.

Release Date:

October 12, 2007

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