Film Preview: Descent (2007)

Trailers (Due to age, may no longer be available)

Posters (Due to age, may no longer be available)

Poster Rating: C-

Review: If that wide-eyed mug doesn’t scare you away from this film, then I don’t know what will. While it seems this is a picture of a corpse on a mortician’s slab, the coloring doesn’t compute, thus its symbolism is lost.

Trailer Rating: C

Review: It’s nearly impossible to figure out what the film’s about. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem if there was any excitement or intriguing in the trailer, but there isn’t.

Oscar Prospects:

Rosario Dawson’s not the first person that leaps to mind when thinking of the Academy and I’m sure she’s not the first person leaping to the minds OF Academy members.

Release Date:

August 10, 2007

Page Revisions:

July 28, 2007 – Original

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