Film Preview: Cashback (2007)

Trailers (Due to age, may no longer be available)

Posters (Due to age, may no longer be available)

Poster Rating: C

Review: This poster takes an image directly from the film and seems to be using sexuality as a selling point. I don’t know that it works terribly well, especially with a title such as Cashback.

Trailer Rating: C+

Review: The trailer isn’t much more enlightening than the poster. As if it were something from the mind of Charlie Kaufman, this film looks intriguing from a philosophical perspective, I don’t know that this tack will help the film.

Oscar Prospects:

Too small. Too many unknowns. This isn’t the Academy-friendly kind of film.

Release Date:

July 20, 2007

Page Revisions:

July 28, 2007 – Original

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