Film Preview: Captain Marvel (2019)

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March 8, 2019


From IMDb: “Carol Danvers becomes one of the universe’s most powerful heroes when Earth is caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.”

Poster Rating: B- / B / C / B / C+ / C / C+ (10) / C+ / B- / C / C+ (2)

Review: (#1) What the hangar has to do with anything isn’t clear in the poster or the trailer, but it’s an interesting dynamic, especially with Captain Marvel’s starburst on the outside of the doors. There’s a lot of extra space here, but everything narrows to the hero of the story and that’s a solid decision.

(#2) The Captain’s starburst symbol provides a solid background detail while the background itself isn’t overstuffed with images, allowing us to focus on the title figure herself.

(#3) This simplistic drawing has the main component of the film, Captain Marvel herself, but doesn’t feel whole or distinct. (#4) A design that reminds favorably of a lot of pro-military advertising of the past and it works. (#5) Lots of sparklies and pretties, but not a lot of substance. (#6) IMAX posters still haven’t found the best way to showcase their content. (#7-#16) The desire to make one poster as similar to another without changing anything measurably interesting is a fault. This series of character posters is a problem. (#17) The starburst insert is a solid decision, but the content surrounding it isn’t. (#18) Well balanced, but surprisingly empty. The images are regimented and staid. (#19) Into the sky above the earth, the superhero flies. Too bad it’s not a more striking image. (#20-#21) This pair of posters with earth form and space form Captain Marvel are linked together, but aren’t exceptional together.

Trailer Rating: B+ / B

Review: (#1) While not strictly a teaser, this first trailer is pretty effective in teasing two-eyed Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), the return of Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson, and the introduction of an incredibly powerful figure, Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) herself.

(#2) As interesting as it is to see more details of the film’s plot, the details presented don’t feel that compelling or original, which might make this trailer a tougher sell.

Oscar Prospects:

Marvel has had an uneven relationship with the Oscars and this film has months to hold on for consideration at the Oscars for 2019, but it could compete in Visual Effects.

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