Film Preview: Bite (2016)

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(May 1, 2016) Original

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May 6, 2016


From IMDb: “While on her bachelorette party getaway, Casey, the bride to be, gets a seemingly harmless bite from an unknown insect. After returning home with cold feet, Casey tries to call off her wedding but before she’s able to, she starts exhibiting insect like traits. Between her physical transformation and her wedding anxiety, Casey succumbs to her new instincts and begins creating a hive that not only houses her translucent eggs, but feeds on the flesh of others. As her transformation becomes complete, Casey discovers that everything can change with a single bite.”

Poster Rating: C- (2)

Review: These tasteless posters are each a play on the film’s title, which suggests a horror film not fit for the squeamish. While that will definitely appeal to a certain demographic, interested beyond those cinemagoers will be minimal.

Trailer Rating: C

Review: A convoluted, visually displeasing design won’t make inroads with horror fans. While a good scare or a good revulsion can bring them to theater, if the premise is so loose and simplistic as this, it doesn’t tend to generate as much interest.

Oscar Prospects:


Trailer #1


Poster #1

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