Film Preview: Bee Movie (2007)

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Poster Rating: B

Review: I have to go with a theme for my rating. The poster’s a giant B which is homonymic with Bee. So, it’s only appropriate for Bee Movie. The poster really isn’t that bad.

Trailer Rating: D-; C+; B-; B

Review: I’ve never liked Jerry Seinfeld and this preview seems so obnoxious and obtuse that it reminds me how much I don’t like him and how little I’m looking forward to this film.

A definite improvement as the second teaser finally informs us that we’re not really looking forward to a live-action stand up routine but an animated one. Without more to go on, there’s no telling if this will be Seinfeld’s Antz or whether it will be more enlightened. I seriously doubt the latter.

With Seinfeld out of the picture, I can enjoy the trailer better. However, his irritating voice does very little to make the film seem much more than the afforementioned Antz paired with a human element.

Finally, Bee Movie puts out a trailer that doesn’t make it seem like an apian version of Antz. Although there are still staggering similarities, there’s at least a little bit of promise for animation fans in this most recent preview. We now understand better what the film is about and what kind of comedy we should be expecting.

Oscar Prospects:

Hopefully limited. We don’t have Woody Allen’s Antz to use as a barometer since the Animated Film category didn’t exist then, but unless the year’s other major animated features flop, there’s no reason to expect this one to get nominated…unless they have enough for five nominees.

Release Date:

November 2, 2007

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