Film Preview: Bad Santa 2 (2016)

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(August 14, 2016) Original
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November 23, 2016


From IMDb: “An adventure with Santa impersonator Willie Stokes.”

Poster Rating: C- / C / F

Review: (#1) It’s a teaser design and so it may be forgiven for some things, but a white background isn’t helpful even if it’s detailed; however, the bell-wringing kettle being used as a urinal is a fitting symbol.

(#2) Apropos of the film and its predecessor, this does more to sell the film than the prior design, but will it be enough to appeal to non-fans of the original? Probably not. (#3) Such a forced, and unbearably tacky innuendo. There are so many better ways (and better designed ways) to do this kind of thing.

Trailer Rating: B- / C / C / B

Review: (#1) This teaser effectively sets up a film that will target a very narrow group of people who watched, remember and enjoyed the original film. Whether it can pull in those who aren’t familiar remains to be seen. (#2 & #3) These two trailers are Green Band and Red Band versions of each other. The Red Band changes so little of the original that other than a few dirty words peppered throughout the trailer, there isn’t much to differentiate the two.

(#4) If you’re a fan of the original, this trailer should lift your heart about the potentials of its sequel. That they’ve added in a decidedly atypical Kathy Bates and you can pretty much put this one down as a potential winner.

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Trailer #1

Trailer #2

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Trailer #4


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