Film Preview: August Rush (2007)

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Poster Rating: B-; F

Review: I like the concept, but the executions is hardly fitting. We get the warm sunset, but the moon does little to evoke the theme of the film and the music streaming from him into the sky might have been better done in another way, though I’m not sure how it could.

Worse than any of the place-holder posters, this one is so undeniably awful and unemotional that we cannot take such a film seriously. Their actual poster better be something of substance or the production company’s got a supremely tough sell on its hands.

Trailer Rating: B

Review: Although the premise is a bit worrisome, the actors are engaging and the editing of the trailer is involving. This is the kind of film that will earn early Oscar buzz because of its performances and touching story but may be sunk easily if the execution isn’t dramatic or original enough.

Oscar Prospects:

The main difference between this film and Oscar-nominated Shine is the latter film had the prodigy growing up. This film does not. Whether the similarities keep it away from the Oscars or not remains to be seen, but the film will need major critical support to become a contender.

Release Date:

November 21, 2007

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