Film Preview: Arrival (2016)

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(August 14, 2016) Original
(October 23, 2016) New Trailer (#2) / New Posters (#1-#15)

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November 11, 2016


From IMDb: “Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.”

Poster Rating: B / C- (2) / B- / B- (11)

Review: (#1) The construction is solid and the details are fine, but that blank space on the right is distracting and unnecessary. (#2-#3) These two character posters aren’t entirely unique, nor do they give the viewer something visually arresting to look at. (#4) This is a solid design with distinct composition and a pleasant array of colors, but it also feels vacant and motionless. (#5-#15) These posters, each situated in different environments and locations, are a symbolic expression of the film’s premise even if they work better in tandem than separately.

Trailer Rating: B- / B+

Review: (#1) Any sci-fi geek will want to be excited, but this teaser tries too hard to avoid showing any action elements. That won’t help sell the film to those not already sold on the genre. There are some intriguing bits to it, but perhaps not enough.

(#2) The first trailer was something of a tease. Now we have a trailer that gives most of the film’s premise away, that’s not necessarily a bad thing as they suggestion of an alien invasion will intrigue some while the promise of an intellectual science fiction flick will impress others.

Oscar Prospects:

Is there now a safe spot at the Oscars for a sci-fi film? After the likes of District 9 (2009), Inception (2010), Gravity (2013), and The Martian (2015), it seems that nearly every year a big budget, star-studded sci-fi event pic makes the Best Picture race. Interstellar was the only film that had the potential prior to release that didn’t pan out. This film has a solid pedigree, so it’s possible it does well, especially in the techs.

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