Film Preview: Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film For Theaters (2007)

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Poster Rating: C-

Review: With an unappetizing preview trailer, this poster conjures up memories of the cheesy films of the 1970s. It is neither indicative of the project nor particularly engaging unless you happen to be a pre-pubescent teenage boy.

Trailer Rating: C

Review: Hoping to cash in on its popularity as a television cartoon, Aqua Teen Hunger Force makes a stab at the film business. This preview does little to excite non-fans of the show and presents a relatively weak rendition of the humor of South Park.

Oscar Prospects:

This is one animated project that will remain blissfully out of competition despite the limited breadth of the associated category. And anything outside of the Animated Feature
is just as ludicrous.

Release Date:

April 1, 2007

Page Revisions:

March 28, 2007 – Original

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